Making Moves: The Skies Revolt

Please meet The Skies Revolt, the 4th band in the Making Moves single series.

Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, we found these five lads via twitter. 

Says Josh Cain:  I wanted to find a band that I had never heard before to work with for the Making Moves project. I tweeted that I was looking for suggestions of new, unsigned bands.  I received hundreds of suggestions and I went through them all.  The Skies Revolt really stood out to me when I listened to their songs.  They have this very cool mix of heavy, electronic and party music - like Devo meets NIN.  Plus it was refreshing to see a band living their own manifest destiny - they were releasing music, making videos, touring - all on their own dime.

Skies Revolt are flat out creative: (a) check out their choose your own adventure game; (b) check out their new music video for "It’s All in the Reflexes" which they produced in it’s entirety using claymation, animation, and yes, explosions; (c) check out their self-released album in the form of a comic book in which each song has a corresponding page with graphic arts and captions of the lyrics of the songs.

The Skies Revolt - Dave Prindle, Nathan Smith, Rusty Vining, Bobby Dowell, and Jarred Irby - came to Philadelphia after Thanksgiving to work with Josh Cain and Justin Pierre and the Mad Dragon team of engineers on their recordings.  

Follow The Skies Revolt on twitter.

Check out The Skies Revolt new songs on Making Moves due out later this year on Mad Dragon Records and The Boombox Generation.

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